Patricia has spent most of her career working in education—as a classroom teacher, an elementary school principal, and a curriculum designer. Since retiring, she has spent part of each of the past seven years volunteering in Malawi. There she has taught English grammar and educational leadership at a university, taught English at a primary school, and led a girls’ empowerment club at a secondary school.

Working in Malawi has shown her the importance of nurturing opportunities for women and children worldwide. Participation in a Together Women Rise (formerly Dining for Women) group taught her about many of the ways that smaller organizations can be especially nimble in meeting the needs of local people in Africa, Asia, and South and Central America. She feels Global Pearls is such an organization, and she especially appreciates how, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Global Pearls has shown its willingness and skill in being able to shift focus where it is most needed during a crisis. Patricia is delighted to put her skills to use with Global Pearls to increase the impact of their much-needed work around the world.