Growing up, Kylie never wanted for anything. There was always food on the table and a bed to sleep on at night. There was always a school within walking distance from her house and clean water leaving the sink. Yet she always felt a call to serve.

From a very early age, Kylie’s parents regularly took her to a local food kitchen where they served warm meals to homeless people. Over time she started to recognize certain friendly faces and gradually learned their stories. She treasures the time she spent there.¬†Other opportunities to serve keep arising, and she has been to Chicago, Nashville, Los Angeles, and the French Alps to serve God and others. Even at Dartmouth College, God keeps her involved in serving the needs of the Upper Valley.

She began using social media to promote non-profit work when she became the ambassador for the National Haitian Amputee Soccer Team during their visit in the summer of 2017. She worked as a photographer for the team, posting pictures so that people in both America and Haiti could see the inspiring journey of the team. She also runs the social media pages for her church, Trinity Lutheran Christian Church. After working alongside Global Pearls in Guatemala, she was excited to join the Global Pearls team and help publicize the organization!