Katharina was blessed to grow up an Anglo minority on the Navajo and Sioux Reservations. As a child, she was convinced they kept calling her an “Angel”, and she is one indeed! She still loves and values exposure to a diversity of cultures, and continues to appreciate the freedom of the open spaces she grew up with in rural NM and SD.

As an adult, Katharina studied Business Administration. Her first job in accounting was with professional baseball, but for more than two decades she has been running her own business and specializes in non-profit accounting.

Katharina wants to be part of something bigger than herself that will impact future generations. There is something very special about being able to put action to her faith. She wants to use her skills to support a work that brings hope to many around the world, and she is inspired by the model of empowering others, which allows so much to be accomplished quickly and efficiently. She is very excited to be joining the Global Pearls team as she continues to realize this dream.