Daniel lived in Egypt as a child and thoroughly enjoyed the Middle East. His experiences in Egypt fueled his desire to work internationally and help others. He remembers, for example, the Zabaleen, a people group that lived in and on the garbage of Cairo, and a futbol game they played without shoes among the trash, bouncing their ball off the rotting carcass of a donkey. Even at his young age he realized how blessed he was with his wealth and opportunities.

His fascination with international cultures and issues led him to get a Masters in International Relations with concentrations in Global Macroeconomics and National Security Policy. He focused, in particular, on Eastern Europe. During his studies he did an internship with a venture capital group that taught him how to distinguish between a “sexy idea” and “a horse that can actually run.” He intends to hold Global Pearls accountable – ensuring projects we pursue can be realistically achieved and aren’t just “sexy ideas”.

Daniel has a passion for encouraging entrepreneurship and creating jobs, as this can equip a family for generations. He and his wife founded an award-winning business in Albuquerque in 2000, and it currently employs 85 people. Their business is known for world-class excellence, and he will bring those standards to Global Pearls.