Lisa Robinson Spader

Lisa is a dreamer and visionary who’s passionate about making a direct impact.  She studied Economic Development at Harvard and thrills to see it take shape in real communities.  Read More.

LeeMin Chong

LeeMin wants to leverage her MBA and program management experience to come alongside those who strive to break the vicious cycle of poverty, helping them reach their dreams.  Read More.

Arlene Chua Say Soto

Growing up Arlene saw extreme poverty on a daily basis. Blessed with parents who gave her the gift of a good education, she now uses it to help others.  Read More.

Katharina Root

Katharina was blessed to grow up an Anglo minority on the Navajo and Sioux Reservations. She currently is an accountant with her own business specializing in non-profit accounting. Katharina wants to be part of something bigger than herself and is excited to be joining the Global Pearls team as she continues to realize this dream. Read more.

Kylie Palacios
Social Media Director

From an early age, Kylie learned the joy of serving others in a local food kitchen. She began using social media as a tool to help others as the ambassador for the National Haitian Amputee Soccer Team. After an internship in Guatemala with Global Pearls, she decided to join the Global Pearls team. Read more.