Our Partners

Our partners do not receive a salary from Global Pearls. They work out of love for their communities and earn a living through other means. We are honored to support and empower their efforts.

Sandra Alonzo Pac
Estudia Con Amor

Driven by her passion to help women, children, and those suffering from great poverty in Guatemala, Sandra works tirelessly to help others. She doesn’t just provide scholarships, but creates a true community for participants – teaching them they are valuable, monitoring their progress, providing emotional support and love, even planning dance lessons or pizza parties to bring joy into their lives. She is greatly loved by project participants.

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Jeremias Vobada
Academia Para Un Futuro Mejor

Jeremias is a man passionate about helping his community. In particular, he wants to protect children from the influence of the ubiquitous gangs. Having grown up an orphan, he understands the need children have for a strong and loving father figure, and that is what he provides for more than a hundred young people in poor neighborhoods around San Pedro Sula.

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Nora Fitzgerald

To sum up Nora in one word, I would say “compassion.” She has a deep and tender love for the marginalized women of Marrakech. When you combine that love with her business acumen and the support of dedicated staff and friends, that compassion turns into amazing results. Always seeking new ways to reach more women, she loves to dream forth new entrepreneurial ventures.

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Etang Samuel Manyi Mbeng

Having grown up an orphan in an impoverished forest community of Western Cameroon, Etang knows first-hand the suffering that the people of his project area endure. With help from a distant relative, he pursued an education and escaped the poverty of his youth. Now he is using his education to help others. As he says, “Someone needs to sacrifice to help others achieve their dreams. I choose to be that person.”

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Abraham Kosgei
Kong Asis

Abraham is a dreamer with the talent and drive to make his dreams come true. Running earned him a spot on the Kenyan Olympic team, and it is now the vehicle he is using to bring development to the Kalenjin Tribe of Kenya’s Rift Valley. Equally important, he wants to revive and strengthen the Kalenjin culture, the strength of a people, that is quickly disappearing with exposure to western media.

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Martin Richard Raju
JONG Trust

An outstanding administrator, Martin makes development success look easy. He pursues his projects with a quiet and measured determination, planning each step with great care. From education to healthcare to economic empowerment, he pursues a holistic approach with a talented team, and everything he touches turns to gold.

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Sor Marta Soto
Semillas de Esperanza

A woman of great faith and dedication, Sor Marta has developed a country-wide alternative education program for tens of thousands of Honduran youth on little more than love and prayer. Her vision and pure heart attracted countless others, and now she has an amazing network of volunteer staff throughout the country. She never tires of impromptu exchanges with students, and with each one her face brightens with delight.

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Juan Covarrubias Ccaihuari
Heritage Trail

This gentle Quechua man with a great love for his community is a born leader with a keen business sense. He values Quechua traditions and the communal nature of his culture, which he is trying to preserve through this project. He is greatly trusted by his community and all those who have trekked with him through his beautiful and beloved Andes.

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Nakinti Besumbu Nofuru

Bold and fearless, Nakinti is creating a path for other women in Cameroon. Using her love of journalism, she is bringing attention to their plight and fighting for change. She has won numerous awards for her work improving conditions and opportunities for women and girls. She also has a strong desire to lift up a new generation of leaders, and she works to mentor and empower them.

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Muluh MG Godson
Shared World Visions

MG is a brilliant young man with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Inspired by others who were engaging in selfless acts to help others, he decided at a young age he wanted to be a philanthropist. From the age of about 12, he helped design and implement projects belonging to others. Now he is running his own projects and is bursting with a thousand ideas of how to expand his work.

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Jwalant Gurung 
3 Summits

Jwalant is filled with great compassion for his people. After the devastating earthquake in 2015, he emptied his bank account to help those who had lost everything – their homes, belongings, and, in many cases, loved ones. Now he is helping them rebuild their lives – one school at a time. He firmly believes that education is the most effective pathway out of suffering.

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Koy Chhim & Reny Phoeurk
Cambodian Care

Koy and Reny are a husband and wife team who are as innovative as they are dedicated. Koy expects nothing less than excellence from his students and staff, and Reny is a quiet, but powerful force behind the operations. Their love for the marginalized people of Cambodia is tangible.

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