There are many non-profits working in developing countries doing very good things, but we find that small, grassroots projects can do as much or more good as large, externally-run projects at a fraction of the cost. Opportunity may be unequally distributed around the world, but intelligence, compassion, creativity, and dedication are not. There are some outstanding people making remarkable progress alleviating suffering in their communities, but they struggle for funding. Our primary role as an organization is to serve as a catalyst to unleash the potential in local communities. We identify the most impactful grass-roots projects we can find and monitor the projects over time to ensure quality. Even small donations can have a huge impact when applied to such projects. This is especially true because 100% of the donations we receive are sent to the projects.


This is a popular catch-word among non-profits these days, but we take empowerment to a higher level.  Local leaders have the best understanding of how to design and implement solutions for the problems in their communities. We don’t dictate what problems the projects should address or how they should be run – we allow the project directors to follow their own passions. They decide what help they need from us, and we support them according to their desires and directions. Among other things, this ensures that projects have ownership long after we have left the community. As much as possible we also want to promote their financial independence, either by encouraging income-generating projects or empowering them to manage their own fundraising.


Do you ever wonder if your donation made any difference?  Do you wish there were meaningful, non-financial ways you could contribute? One of the fun things about supporting small, grassroots projects is that usually a small group of donors can fund the whole thing! As you read about the impact the project is having, you will know that you, and a handful of others, made the whole thing possible. Now that is rewarding!

Or perhaps you would like to get involved in more personal ways. Each project needs some champions here to help them along. Educators, journalists, computer programmers, and even a yoga instructor are getting involved. Travelers are also welcome to visit the projects to encourage the children and parents in the programs. One mother, welcoming me on my second visit, started to cry – saying she was afraid I might have forgotten them and was so happy I hadn’t. On our “SUPPORT” tab you can find out more.


To avoid choking your inboxes with unwanted updates, we prefer a donor-driven approach to communication. Just go to the “NEWS” tab on our website and you can enjoy regular updates from the field. Or follow our Facebook page for shorter, more frequent updates. We are “Global Pearls, Inc”.