Our goal is to tackle the root causes of poverty in some of the most marginalized communities in the world. We believe impactful, cost-effective, and lasting change requires empowering locals to help themselves rather than imposing a project from the outside. When locals take ownership from the beginning, they are passionate about the project because it targets what they believe is their greatest need and empowers them to create their own solution. It brings hope and energy and dignity to a community.
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Our most important role is choosing the local partner that we will work with. The partner needs to be resourceful and capable of successfully developing and completing the project. The partner needs to be well-connected in the community so he/she can mobilize the needed support. And, importantly, he/she needs to have already demonstrated a sacrificial lifestyle in an effort to help the community without outside support. For such a person, helping the community is more important than personal gain, and we have thus avoided the corruption that often plagues international development work.
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Once a partner is chosen, we work with that person and the targeted community to hear their concerns and ideas. We then develop a project plan with our partner, work to acquire funding, and monitor progress over time. We encourage our partners to think out-of-the-box and take some risks because we believe an entrepreneurial spirit leads to the greatest rewards. The founders of Global Pearls have Masters Degrees in Economic Development, Business, and Engineering, with extensive experience living in developing countries.
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The board covers all administrative and fundraising expenses, and travel expenses are covered by those doing the traveling. That allows us to send every dollar donated to support our projects. In fact, we triple every donation because the board donates $2 for every $1 of public donations received! (Board donations go to “where most needed”). Global Pearls is a 501(c)3, so donations are tax deductible.
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