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Although many organizations are responding with great generosity to help Ukrainians during this humanitarian crisis, little help is getting to central Ukraine where the greatest suffering is occurring. It is simply too dangerous for large aid organizations to travel so deeply into the country. Our small size and partnership with local heroes actually gives us an advantage in getting aid right to the heart of the country. And since we are 100% volunteer both in the United States and in Ukraine, 100% of donations goes directly to those who are suffering and afraid.

Our primary partner in Ukraine is Alessia who is from a neighborhood of Kyiv – a city under siege. She could have evacuated, but chose to stay to help those who are struggling. She works with her husband and some neighbors who all risk their lives to evacuate families from the most dangerous neighborhoods, finds shelter for them, and cares for them as best she can. She mainly distributes food and medicine (when it can be found), and she finds it heart-warming that people are looking out for one another. When she gives food, people will only take a little – just what they need for the moment – and they say, “it’s better for someone else to get it”. She tells us, “People are kind and share. Difficulty unites us and makes us think of someone nearby.”

Of greatest concern to Alessia are the 120 orphans she is caring for. They were evacuated from now occupied territories after their parents were killed in the initial shelling of the war. They have been traumatized, and many didn’t speak for a week after arriving. 45 of the children are infants. The children arrived with just the clothes on their backs, but local families have been donating what they can to help.

Alessia requested assistance from larger aid organizations, but they were unable to help because she was located too far from the border. The very next day her location was bombed, so she suspects Russian troops are monitoring messages to the larger aid groups. It was therefore a tremendous relief to her when we were able to come alongside in support of her efforts. When she received our first donation money, her response was, “I’m just crying, and I can’t hold back tears from your kindness.” She told those she was helping that funding for the food came from people far away who cared about them and she said they were very touched and their eyes filled with tears of gratitude.

To donate to Ukraine-Alessia  click here.