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Gender-Based Violence (GBV) is rampant in Cameroon, particularly in rural areas, and conflict in the northern and western regions is causing it to escalate. Women and young girls are raped frequently and with impunity. Breast ironing is commonplace to “protect” girls against rape. Domestic abuse is ubiquitous and often severe. Female Genital Mutilation is still practiced in northern Cameroon and child marriage, despite changes in the law, is still common. Even after death, the corpses of women are often treated with cruelty.

One person alone cannot change a culture of GBV, but a thousand people can! Nakinti Nofuru, founder of Rescue Women Cameroon (REWOCAM), wants to grow a large, cooperative movement addressing GBV, using blogging, conferences, and pilot projects to achieve that goal. The conferences she organizes include representatives from all ten regions of Cameroon, and participants share personal experiences and brainstorm solutions. Victims of FGM have a chance to find their voice and learn the power of their story, and, in the process, they experience healing. More importantly, women are able to share ideas and propose solutions to better the lives of women across Cameroon. The women return to their home districts energized and with concrete actions they can take to promote change in their communities. And the connections they make at the conferences encourage and sustain them in years ahead.

The most promising solutions generated by the women are selected to receive small grants to provide seed money for the projects. As the women implement their ideas, Rescue Women monitors these projects to evaluate their effectiveness. Key learnings are incorporated into presentations at future conferences and on social media.

For now, we are focusing on women from Cameroon, but, in time, we hope to open the conferences to women from across Africa. This will grow our influence from thousands to tens of thousands, and, through social media, to hundreds of thousands. Working together, we hope to achieve what individuals working alone have not: a world where the culture of violence against women is no longer accepted.

Nakinti has a master’s degree in Women and Gender Studies and worked as a journalist with Global Press Journal researching and writing on GBV topics. She is currently the Divisional Delegate of the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment. She also is a World Pulse Ambassador, and this extends her a voice across the globe. Her dream is to eliminate discrimination against women, especially in Africa. She is a creative and energetic leader that will indeed effect change in her country!

Recognition for Nakiti’s work includes:
• 2016 & 2017: Chosen as a World Pulse Impact Leader in recognition of the impact she has had improving the lives of women.
• 2017: Received the “Women Have Wings” award, given to women “of extraordinary courage and action.”
• 2018: Chosen by the U.S. Embassy to represent Cameroon at a “Women in Leadership” conference held in the United States.
• 2019: Chosen by the U.S. Embassy to organize and run a conference for young women from across Cameroon to strengthen their leadership capacities.

Together Women Rise has chosen Global Pearls as their July 2021 Featured Grantee! Nakinti’s work against child rape is the focus of the grant. Resurrecting traditional sports to create a fun and safe environment to learn about this difficult topic, supporting girls-against-rape clubs at local schools, using tv and radio to spread the message to the broader community, and training other advocates and encouraging their ideas are all part of this exciting project. Together we will take a stand against child rape in Cameroon. Read more.

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