Sometimes people in wealthy countries assume those living in poverty are helplessly waiting for assistance. The truth is so very different. Local communities are not waiting at all, but are passionately working to help one another, and they make enormous sacrifices to do so. That is why we have found empowering locals yields incredible benefits.

An American journalist, Marty Logan, stationed in Kathmandu was so impressed with what he has been seeing during this pandemic, that he decided to make a short video celebrating local efforts. As he concludes, “when disaster strikes, it is the community that leads the response.” Jwalant and his team’s work were among those chosen to be featured in the video.

Over the past year, Jwalant has feed thousands of returning migrants, villagers, porters… He helped a free medical clinic that serves the poor in Kathmandu develop a Covid wing, and he distributed desperately needed medical equipment and PPE to support front-line medical workers in outlying districts. Jwalant and his friends are truly HOMETOWN HEROES!