The incidence of Covid-19 infections is skyrocketing in India, and it will take the combined efforts of many people, organizations, and governments to respond effectively. Our organization is making one such effort, and we are proud of the results.

We are working in 200 villages with almost 100,000 people in southern India. Our 6 nurses on 3 mobile teams have been serving these villages for several years, completely eliminating maternal and infant mortality, ridding villagers of worms that used to cause intestinal cramping and diarrhea in a majority of the people, and now focusing intensely on responding to the Covid threat.

Our nurses have recruited a team of 20 volunteers, young women who were educated in our after-school centers, and together they are distributing masks and counseling villagers on how to safeguard against Covid. They have also organized testing camps to test the villagers. Those who test positive are taken to the district Covid care centers to ensure they don’t spread the virus. The team has also organized vaccine camps, so many are getting vaccinated every day. As a result, as of the end of April not a single person has died from Covid in our 200 villages.

This has really been a “Himalayan task” conducted by the nurses and volunteers. We are proud of our amazing team on the ground!