Our families at an emergency shelter while they wait for the water to recede.

Our families on the outskirts of San Pedro Sula, Honduras were hit hard by flooding from Hurricane Eta, and they had little time to evacuate. Jeremias tried to rescue as many people as he could, and he was able to save many lives, but many were trapped by strong currents and didn’t make it. Some houses were washed away and almost all belongings were ruined. Perhaps most troubling of all is that the harvests were destroyed. No harvests means no food to eat and no income to start rebuilding their lives, so fear has temporarily replaced hope inthese communities.

The most important thing these hard-working Hondurans need right now is the knowledge that others care… That they won’t have to face the challenge of rebuilding their shattered lives alone. We intend to be there for them! They, of course, will need the basics of life, like food and other necessities. Equally important, they need help replacing income earning tools – whether that be seeds or carpentry tools or… – so they can once again take care of their own needs.