Pig farming for marginalized single mothers for the development of self-sufficiency, the reduction of hunger and poverty, and the enhancement of the education and wellbeing of their children.

Project Summary and Expectations
This project aims at creating vibrant and sustainable livelihoods for single mothers and women thru piggery. The project will create sustainable income generation for poverty alleviation and wealth creation for the 39 members of the ‘‘Ochemabigy’’ farming groups in the community of Ebinsi in the South West Region of Cameroon.

First Quarter Report
The project was launched in July 2018 and will continue for twelve months. The first step was purchasing building materials, molding blocks, and constructing a pig pen – a difficult task during the rainy season. In September the first seven piglets were purchased and vaccinated.
In future months the pigs will receive additional vaccinations and will be mated. The beneficiary families are receiving training throughout the project so they will be very capable pig farmers when the project is fully turned over to them.