To encourage donor support for our newest project, we are offering a 2:1 donation match – with the Board of Directors contributing $2 for every $1 designated by donors. This will triple the impact of your donation dollars!

PERU – Heritage Trail: Protecting Our Heritage for Future Generations is a project designed to protect villages along the Choquequirao Trail from exploitation by large corporations. This project was initiated by Juan Covarrubias Ccaihuari, a Quechua Indian who grew up along the trail. It primarily entails economic empowerment so families can resist the pressure to sell their lands, thus protecting their culture and communities for future generations.

At the moment, the focus is on building a hostel in Cachora – the starting point for the Choquequirao trek. We are providing funds for the required materials, but Juan and many other villagers are are working together to do the physical construction. Every dollar we provide will eventually be paid back to a community fund which will finance other projects along the trail.

They are working hard to complete this project before the next tourist season. If you would like to help and triple your impact:

  • Use any donation method described on our SUPPORT US tab and designate your donation to Peru.
  • Your 2018 donations must total no more than $5000.

Include your email if you wish to receive a donation receipt and confirmation that your donation will receive the 2:1 match (not required).